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The International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing (MISP-2019) will be held at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India, on September 7-10, 2019. This conference is meant for researchers all over the globe interested in the areas of data mining, artificial intelligence, optimization, machine learning methods/ algorithms, signal processing theory and methods, and applications to human brain disorders like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders etc. Other applications of machine learning and signal processing techniques are also welcome.

About IIIT Allahabad

Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIITA) located in Jhalwa, Allahabad, UP, India was established in 1999, as a center of excellence in Information Technology and allied areas and is an institute of national importance by the act of parliament. IIIT-A aims to evolve an integrated ambiance of creative learning, researching for novelties, contributing to the growth of knowledge, mapping the knowledge into innovations, innovations in terms of innovative products, services and also in terms of re-engineering the education process itself, devising the newer tools and sophisticating the skills at higher level.

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About Allahabad

Allahabad is a fascinating city with a blend of a rich cultural and historical heritage hosting a wide range of styles of the Maratha, Mughal, Holkar and British era. Chhatris, Laal Bag Palace, Kanch Mandir are cues of its architectural exellence. Triveni Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and "invisible" Saraswati rivers, is considered holy by Hindus. It’s near the 16th-century Allahabad Fort, built by Mughal Emperor Akbar. In the fort are the ancient sandstone Ashoka Pillar, the underground Patalpuri Temple and a sacred banyan tree.

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Conference Topics

Machine Learning

Feature extractions
Least-squares SVM (LS-SVM)
Support vector machines (SVM)
Machine learning methods
Extreme learning machine (ELM)
Artificial neural network (ANN)
Kernel design
Other areas in machine learning

Big Data Analytics

Big Data novel theory, algorithm and application
5 V's of Big Data
MapReduce for Big Data processing
Distributed file systems for Big Data
Big Data visualization
Big Data mining
Large data stream processing
Big data applications
Sensor network, social network and big data

Signal Processing

Signal Processing Systems and Architectures
Signal Processing Algorithms
Time-Frequency Analysis
Nonlinear Signal Processing
Nonstationary Signal Processing
Adaptive Signal Processing
Signal Processing for Smart System
Biomedical Signal Processing and Bioinformatics
Sparse Signal Processing
Signal Processing for IoT
Coding and Compression
Signal Processing for Smart Systems

Computational Learning Theory

Active Learning
Deep Learning
Incremental Learning and Online Learning
Reinforcement Learning and Planning
Manifold Learning and Regularization
Multi-Task Learning
Semi-Supervised Learning
Dimensionality Reduction
Probabilistic Methods
Support Vector Machine
Extreme Learning Machine
Machine Learning Applications

Brain-Computer Interfacing

Mind-Machine interface
Direct Neural Interface
Brain Machine Interface

Human-machine Interaction

Automated Machine interaction
How Interaction works

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer

Brain Imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging
Positron emission tomography

Epilepsy detection

Artificial neural network
Automated seizure detection
Principal component analysis

Detection of Sleep disorders

Detect Insomnia
Enhance the sleep quality


In the last conference of MISP-2017, all accepted papers have been published in the Conference Proceedings of Springer. This year also the Conference Proceeding will be published in the Springer book series “Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing”(https://www.springer.com/series/11156). Authors are requested to submit their Manuscripts through Easy Chair System. The paper must be in Springer AISC series format and of maximum 12 pages. Papers longer than 12 AISC pages will be subjected to extra page fee at 25 USD per extra page. Authors are requested to submit their Manuscripts through Easy Chair System.

Click on the following links to submit the Manuscripts and read the guidelines.

Our Prominent Speakers

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REGISTRATION FEES: (Goods and Services Tax Included)

Student authors from India: 8000 INR
Faculty authors from India: 10,000 INR
Faculty authors from abroad: 400 USD
Indian Industry authors: 10000 INR
Participants from India (Listener): 5000 INR
Participants from abroad (Listener): 250 USD
Accompanying person from India: 2000 INR
Accompanying person from abroad: 200 USD

Payment Details

Name of Account:
Indian Institute of Information Technology Jhalwa Allahabad
Account Type : Saving Account (SA)
Account Number : 30996838478
IFSC Code : SBIN0010891
Bank : State Bank of India

Steps for Registration 

Step 1: Please pay the applicable registration fee.

Step 2: Please fill the online form (Click here) to complete the registration process. Registration fee is non-refundable.

Step 3: Accomodation request online form ( Click here )


Registration (other than keynote/plenary/invited speakers) will be considered only after receiving the fees online. Due to limited funds available, registration fees are mandatory to all the participants including the speakers. This will include admission to all the sessions, conference materials, Wi-Fi, tea/coffee/snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and shuttle service within the campus during the conference only.


Limited funds are available towards travel support.
A few selected student participants from India will be eligible for travel reimbursement up to III-AC train fare.


25th March 25th April 25th May

Paper submission

Last date to submit your paper

30th June

Paper Acceptance

Last date for paper acceptance

25th July (Firm Deadline)

Camera-ready papers

Last date for camera-ready papers

31th July


Last date of registration

Organizing Committee


Prof. P. Nagabhushan, IIIT Allahabad

General Chair

Prof. Shekhar Verma, IIIT Allahabad
Prof. S. Chakravarthy, University of Texas

General Co-Chair

Dr. Shirshu Verma, IIIT Allahabad

Organizing Chair

Dr. Sonali Agarwal, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Pavan Chakraborty, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Vrijendra Singh, IIIT Allahabad

Workshop Chair(s)

Dr. K.P. Singh, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Manish Kumar, IIIT Allahabad

Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Pritish Varadwaj, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Satish Singh, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Rahul Kala, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Triloki Pant, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Mohammed Javed, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. S. Venketesan, IIIT Allahabad

Program Committee

Prof. T. Lahiri, IIIT Allahabad
Prof. O.P. Vyas, IIIT Allahabad
Prof. Anupam Agarwal, IIIT Allahabad
Prof. R.S. Yadav, MNNIT Allahabad
Prof. Ashish Ghosh, ISI Kolkata
Prof. R.B. Pachori, IIT Indore
Dr. M. Tanveer, IIT Indore
Dr. Vijay Kumar Chaurasia, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Neetesh Purohit, IIIT Allahabad
Dr. N.S. Rajput, IIT BHU, Varanasi
Dr. P. Ramaswamy, University of Kent, UK
Dr. Mohammad Syafrullah, UBL, Indonesia
Dr. Shafaatunnur Hasan, UTM, Malaysia
Dr. Muneendra Ojha, IIIT Naya Raipur
Dr. Ajay Singh Raghuvanshi, NIT Raipur
Dr. Partha Pratim Roy, IIT Roorkee
Dr. Mohammad Najim, MMU Mullana
Dr. Sumit Kushwaha, KNIT Sultanpur, India

International Advisory Committee

Prof. G. C. Nandi, IIIT Allahabad
Prof. Srikanta Tirthapura, Iowa State University, USA
Dr. A. R. Alaei, Griffith University, Australia
Dr. V. Janeja, University of Maryland , USA
A.B.M. Shawkat Ali, University of Fiji
Prof. Dharma P. Agarwal, University of Cincinnati, USA
Prof. D. Kotzinos, University of Paris-Seine
Olivier Colliot, ARAMIS Lab
P.N. Suganthan, NTU, Singapore
Prof. G. Prasad, Ulster University, UK
Prof. A. Krishna, Curtin University, Australia
Prof. Gaurav Sharma, University of Rochester, NY
Prof. Sharma Chakraborty, UTA, USA

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